The Influence of Architecture on Fashion Design

The Design Aesthetic of Merline Labissiere

EYEONDesign, LLC. featuring Merline Labissiere

Listen to this phone interview with Project Runway Season 14 contestant, Merline Labissiere:

One of the looks from Merline Labissiere's 2016 Fall Collection

December 2015

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EYEONDesign, LLC. featuring Merline Labissiere

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Merline Labissiere's destiny was to be an architect when she enrolled at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  However, soon thereafter, she could no longer ignore
her other passion:  fashion design.  Due to having a love for both architecture and fashion design, Merline received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion with a background in architecture.  As a matter of fact, having an architectural education, which she also acquired at Miami Dade College prior to attending SCAD, further strengthened her conviction to promote a unique design aesthetic, which fuses architecture with fashion design.

So, what does this fusion look like?  Merline's design aesthetic is clearly reflected in her 2016 Fall Collection, which is a womenswear brand for today's creative, "on-the-go" woman. Throughout this collection, geometric shapes, minimal lines and monochromatic color palettes are cohesively weaved together to effectively express Merline's design statement.  Her cultural background was another element that played a vital role in the development of the collection, since satellite views of the island of Haiti inspired the shapes that were incorporated throughout.  To see more looks from Merline's 2016 Fall Collection, go to www.merlinelabissiere.com .

This Miami, Florida native also started a non-profit company, Provoke Style Fashion Camp Corporation, which is currently based in Savannah, Georgia.  Through this company's program(s), teens are given the opportunity to not only learn about fashion design, but also to sharpen their sewing skills.  Go to http://www.provokestyle.org to discover the various ways that Provoke Style Fashion Camp is serving its community.

Merline Labissiere, fashion designer and Project Runway Season 14 Contestant

Image courtesy of Merline Labissiere.

David Adjaye, an architect, has collaborated with KnollTextiles Creative Director, Dorothy Cosonas, to create a vibrant collection that is composed of 6 upholsteries, 2 drapery fabrics and 1 wallcovering.  The design vision of this collection was not only inspired by elements of the permanent exhibit of the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, but also influenced by geography and culture.  As a matter of fact, the patterns within the collection are named after places he visited on the continent of Africa.  The colors and textures of each fabric are not only visually bold and intriguing, but also indicative of the cultural identity of the designer.  Although the "story" of each pattern is clearly expressed and is, therefore, easily understood, it is a "story" that many persons from various areas of the world can relate to.  Learn more about David Adjaye and his collection at Knoll.

The Adjaye Collection by David Adjaye for KnollTextiles

Image courtesy of Merline Labissiere.



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