EYEONDESIGN, LLC. was founded by Diedre Y. Gibson.


Collaborating with individuals from diverse industries is a vital aspect of our research process. As a result, EYEONDESIGN, LLC. is able to offer innovative designs to clients.                       

Our Story

A goal of EYEONDESIGN, LLC. is to develop design concepts that perfectly align with the vision of our clients and their businesses.  A direct result of working with us is that your clients or guests will be able to easily interpret your vision and mission ---in essence, your IDENTITY--- from the design of your work space or residence.

Design Thinking

EYEONDESIGN, LLC. implements the design thinking process into every project.  Since research and prototyping is ingrained in many aspects of this process, unique designs, (i.e. - solutions), are developed for projects, (i.e. - defined problems). As a result, maximum value is made available to you, the owner of the project, and its various intended users.                       

Our Vision

Our Strength


Building Relationships

We appreciate our clients.  Therefore, it is our goal to serve them not only in the present, but also in the years to come.  By applying and learning from client feedback, which is encouraged, EYEONDESIGN, LLC. is able to consistently provide excellent service to the public.                    

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LUPUS: Life's Untapped Potential in US

A portion of EYEONDESIGN, LLC.'s profits is donated to the Lupus Foundation of America. Thank you for your support!                    

LANHAM, MARYLAND